Choosing a button

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It is important that you and your caregiver choose the Personal Help Button most suitable for you. Please consider the following:

Pendant Styles

The Classic and Slimline Pendants are worn around the neck; this helps make the button accessible to either of your hands. NOTE: the Pendant's neck cord is not designed to break away. Therefore, it can pose a choking risk, particularly to wearers in wheelchairs, using walkers, using beds with guard rails, or otherwise near protruding objects upon which the cord can become tangled. Wearers for whom this is a concern may wish to consider the Wrist style button.

Wrist Styles
The Slimline Wristband and Tempo Watch are worn around your wrist. In circumstances where the user's arm that is not wearing the pendant becomes immobilized (examples: due to stroke or arm being trapped under heavy object), this can present a risk that the user will be unable to press the button.

AutoAlert Pendant

Providing an added layer of protection. The pendant is designed to detect when a person cannot get up from a fall and will automatically place a call for help.

Please consult your caregiver or Lifeline Program on which Help Button style is most appropriate for you


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